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Découvrez le Live Entreprise de Fatou on the road !
Contact Kikina Studio, studio for exploration, creation and production of podcasts and sound experiences.

Live in Business

Fatou on the road

Recording a tailor-made episode, live and in public, for your employees.

Boost the audacity at the heart of your business with our live podcast!

Are you ready to unleash the Audacity of your team and push your colleagues to unleash their creativity? With our unique podcast format recorded live in your own offices and hosted by Fatou, creator of the podcast L'Audace ce Badass, we are creating an exceptional event focused on the theme of Audacity in business.

A captivating and interactive event

A special Audace newsletter

Photo & video coverage of the event

Fatou presents the business offer pack to you!

A workshop on Audacity

of the episode

The promotion on
social networks

The episode broadcast in Fatou's podcast

Ready to stimulate audacity within your company and push your team beyond their limits?
Contact us now to book
your live podcast event on the theme of audacity in business !

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