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We imagine, create and broadcast sounds , images , words , and emotions ...
In short,
stories .

Welcome to Kikina Studio, producer of podcasts and sound experiences. Let yourself be guided by your senses!

Around Sound

Kikina studio combines cognitive science and a cheeky sense of innovation to reinvent the way audio content is created and consumed, around a campaign... 360 db.

The race towards live sound experiences!


In your podcast, with each breath your target hangs on your lips, with each sentence it finds itself in its values, with each note it is inspired by your story, an echo of its own... in short, with each new episode, she gets closer to you.

We help you tell your story.

A unique design for each podcast.


In a world bombarded with images, the human and sensory experience becomes premium.

By surrounding ourselves with neuroscientists, we create scientifically validated sound content, which promotes relaxation and well-being as well as awareness and memorability.

At the heart of the podcast, the community!


With our collective of scientists and committed talents, we design events that awaken emotions and incite action. Through immersive sound experiences or live recordings of inspiring podcast episodes, we offer moments of disconnection and sharing.

Immersive experiences…


Thanks to our creative know-how and our passion for communication, we embark on global marketing campaigns where the art of telling stories is king. From design to distribution, we shape striking and memorable content, whether audio, video, sensory or at the heart of events.

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