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Sound is our own as much as it is common, it is the invisible fabric that brings us together, a crucial tool as much as a pocket of imagination, it is free and wild, Kikina Studio tames it for you.

Les effets du son
Kikina Studio est toujours à la recherche de nouvelles expériences sonores.


Wearing headphones is prohibited during official races, being considered a doping product, as confirmed by a 2020 study by the American Psychological Association.

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Music helps stimulate the brain activity of people with Alzheimer's disease: a source of pleasure, entertainment and sharing, it could even revive certain memories of patients, according to a study by the University of Toronto in 2021.

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Sound has analgesic properties that can reduce pain by more than 25% in patients, according to a study by The American Music Therapy Association published in 2016.

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A 2011 University of Groningen study proved that the intention of the speech could be changed by changing the music, and therefore the emotions of its participants.

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Listening to nature sounds, for example, affects body systems managing the autonomic nervous systems of flight, fear and digestion, with associated effects on the brain's resting activity, according to a 2017 Brighton and Sussex Medical School study.

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To move away from the world of images is to move closer to that of the imagination. Creativity impairment among children who watched a lot of TV as children is substantial, a 2019 Harvard study shows.

The creative sound experience.


Our tone,

Your sound.

Our ambition is to explore, both in content and its recording and broadcast, the meeting between the oldest media in the world, the voice, and emerging sound spatialization technologies (now accessible to the general public), allowing a more natural listening.

Creating new immersive auditory experiences, as organic as they are engaging, and raising the quality standard of this new media of man in motion: these are the weapons of Kikina Studio.

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Discover Kikina Studio’s work around sound.


Although podcasts are inherently intimate, Kikina Studio brings communities together, IRL, by creating collective sound experiences, always in the service of a message.


With the plethora of podcasts created every day, making yours stand out and connect with communities is expert work. The eye serving the ear is our promise.


A podcast is nothing more than a lonely voice in space without its community. That's why we take care of the podcast as much as its subscribers, hosting it, moderating it and making it engaging.


Over the past ten years, the science of sound has made giant leaps. Kikina studio takes full advantage of the techniques and technologies available today to bring your content to life.

Media coverage

The glass ceiling in podcasts, due to the lack of discoverability and the ever-increasing number of shows being created, is pretty low. Not with us.

L'expérience sonor

Around Sound

Kikina studio combines cognitive science and a cheeky sense of innovation to reinvent the way audio content is created and consumed, around a campaign... 360 db.

A sound experience

Live an immersive experience that illustrates the frenzy of fashion, one of the most polluting industries in the world and to make us feel a notion that rings in our ears daily… sustainability .

Turn on the sound, close your eyes and listen...

An invisible fabric .

Put a chimpanzee and a human on a desert island, you will bet without much doubt on the survival of the monkey. Now add a thousand humans and as many chimpanzees, and you will see the odds reversed, because humans' strength is cooperation, and their tool: speech. It is thus the common fictions, laws, tales, religions, which create the bonds of trust which unite us, in short, the stories we tell ourselves which make us human.

Podcasting today takes little or no part of the immense imagination that new audio content, unconstrained by image or immobility, finally transported into spatialized universes in movement, can arouse in listeners, increasing significantly substantial their stickiness and memorability.

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The image &
The imagination

Here are drawings made by children aged 5-6, having respectively watched less than 1 hour of TV per day and more than 3 hours per day.

Image & imagination, the impact of television on children's creativity.

of TV

of TV

Excerpts from the study published in 2006 by Dr. Winterstein, in the journal of the professional association of doctors for children and adolescents in Germany.

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