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The method


Unique know-how.

Since the dawn of time...

Put a chimpanzee and a human on a desert island, you will bet without much doubt on the survival of the monkey. Now add a thousand humans and as many chimpanzees, and you will see the odds reversed, because humans' strength is cooperation, and their tool: speech.

It is the common fictions, laws, tales, religions, which create the bonds of trust which unite us, in short, the stories we tell ourselves which make us human.

the method

THE 3 “C”

A recipe based on 3 key ingredients to ensure visibility, memorability and engagement with a qualified audience.


Visual identity, sound universe, dedicated platforms: everything is done to make the experience original and immersive.

The listener immerses himself in the universe that we create and becomes an actor in its story.

Here is an example of creation for JINS Podcast that makes identities shine.
Content from “L’Audace ce Badass”, like the podcast, colorful and daring.


Passionate experts and unique personalities imagine worlds, stories and words to simplify and enhance each subject.

Techniques are integrated into the creation of our content to keep the audience active and extend the experience beyond listening.


Create a feeling of belonging to a community, interact with your audience, reach new targets. The studio specializes in marketing and communication to bring together listeners.

Our method allows us to interact differently and sustainably with communities that are committed over the long term.

Communication on the podcast ready to hit the mark.

Our original creations

We imagine, create and broadcast sounds , images , words , and emotions ... In short, stories .

And you ?

Our values and your goals are common.

By collaborating together, you will not be our customers but our partners who co-create value.

The 3 ingredients of our method are designed for you, with you.

But above all differently.

Write U.S
to create your tailor-made experience!

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