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JINS Podcast

The 1st podcast on the sexuality of Arab and/or Muslim people. 100% independent, feminist, intersectional and inclusive.

With the explosion of extremist, sexist, Islamophobic, racist and LGBTphobic acts, it is urgent to establish a climate of tolerance, to break away from dogma and to re-establish the truth. Supported by Kikina Studios, it is high time for JINS Podcast to make identities shine. Each week in JINS (“sex” in Arabic), an exceptional guest will deconstruct stereotypes, to enable everyone to better construct their identity, to better understand Islam and to better accept its sexuality.

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Audacity this Badass

THE podcast to dare to overcome your fears, dare to change, dare to try, dare to take the plunge, dare to fail, in short, dare to take action.

Fatou is the young creator of the impactful women's collective The Wonders. His goal ? Inspire and challenge women from all backgrounds, transmit to them a resilient mindset and facilitate their access to the resources necessary to transform their dream project into success. How ? Through its Les Défis program which supports 35 women, the Wonders, to develop their entrepreneurial project AND thanks to this podcast which will allow thousands of listeners like you to finally dare to take action.

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