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Oser dépasser ses peurs, oser changer, oser se lancer, oser échouer et surtout, oser redevenir l’enfant que vous étiez.
“Audacity, this badass” with Fatou N’diaye.
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Écouter « L’Audace, cette badass », un podcast unique à la croisée des chemins entre intimité, développement personnel et conseils entrepreneuriaux.

Audacity this Badass

A unique podcast at the crossroads between intimacy, personal development and entrepreneurial advice

Dare to overcome your fears, dare to change, dare to try, dare to take the plunge, dare to fail and above all, dare to become the child you were again. How ? By listening to the podcast “L’Audace ce Badass”.

Every week, Fatou, creator of the impactful women's collective, The Wonders, gives the keys to developing your audacity and challenges her community to get out of their comfort zone and dare to take action.

During the podcast, she invites Wonders from her program Les Défis who have decided to overcome their condition and seek audacity.

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Fatou on the road

A tailor-made recording live and in public for your employees.

The Business Offer

Are you ready to unleash the boldness of your team and inspire your colleagues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation? We are here to help you ! With our unique podcast format recorded live in your own offices, we create an exceptional event focused on the theme of boldness in business.

Chaque semaine, Fatou, créatrice du collectif de femmes d'impact, The Wonders, donne les clés pour développer son audace et lance un défi à sa communauté pour sortir de sa zone de confort et oser passer à l'action.

Envie de connaître le travail de Kikina Studio avec L'Audace cette Badass ?

Contacter Kikina Studio, studio d’exploration, de création et de production de podcasts et d’expériences sonores.

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