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Kikina Studio, studio for exploration, creation and production of podcasts and sound experiences.

10 reasons

Tell us who you are,

we'll tell you your podcast.

Dîtes-nous qui vous êtes,  nous vous dirons votre podcast.

At Kikina Studio, we are convinced of the power of sound and voice to…

Onboard your talents,

Train your employees,

Establish your expertise on a subject,

Improve the online or offline customer experience ...

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Je suis

I am...

If we haven't mentioned your role, don't blame us and let's talk about it, we'll find you a podcast idea!


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Je veux (RH)

I am in Human Resources

And I want...   make my employer brand attractive

The Kikina solution: 3 series of podcasts that complement each other.




We did this for L'Oréal and their youth employment program L'Oréal for Youth . Their goal was to drive traffic to their recruiting platform, improve the candidate experience, and increase gender parity in applications.

8 out of 10 workers or students would be ready to listen to a preparation podcast, which would provide advice for succeeding in a job interview.

(CSA study - Havas Paris 2020)

Je veux (Marketing)

Je suis en RSE

And I want...   tell
our engagements
without greenwashing
nor diversitywashing

The Kikina solution: a podcast embodied by a committed personality but who wants to be the voice of the general public, capable of popularizing the words of his interlocutors and transmitting the information that we ask ourselves on a daily basis.

The voice, the incarnation makes it possible to explain in a clear and direct manner subjects considered complex. Sound immersion makes it possible to make tangible a universe that may seem blurry at first glance.

72% of people are more likely to support brands whose “advertising” is authentic, inclusive and representative of society.

Je veux (RSE)

I am in Marketing and Communication

And I want...   tell stories, not products

The Kikina solution: an editorial podcast* available in multi-media formats and which multiplies the points of contact.

In addition to reaching your audience via traditional channels (social networks, newsletter, website, YouTube) thanks to a global media strategy, you reach new audiences who consume listening platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Deezer.

*Editorial podcast > outward facing, aimed at your customers

  • 74% of listeners say that a podcast made them want to learn about the product/service > Consideration

  • 65% of listeners believe that a podcast has already changed their mind about a brand/company > Preference

Je veux (Retail)

I am in Retail

And I want...   improve customer experience and transparency

The Kikina solution: audio capsules to whisper in the ear of your customers
and give them more than just product.

- In digital, audio formats disseminated on your website (on product sheets, blog articles, etc.) allow you to create a link with visitors, tell them stories and transmit information to them in a simple and easy way. direct.

- In store, QR codes scattered throughout your aisles, in fitting rooms or directly on the labels of your products allow you to provide quick and easy access to key information for your customers.

Contact Kikina Studio, studio for exploration, creation and production of podcasts and sound experiences.

Nous contacter

91 bis Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud

75011 Paris


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