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Kikina Studio, studio for exploration, creation and production of podcasts and sound experiences.

Brand Podcasts

When the story is good, we forget the competition, we forget the weaknesses, we forget the price.


Entre saturation des écrans et difficulté à lire des livres,

Entre rapidité d’information et désir de ralentir,

Le podcast s'est imposé comme média incontournable de marque.

En prenant le temps de raconter une histoire, le récit devient plus authentique, plus intime et donc plus proche de l’auditeur. Et ainsi plus mémorable.

Le podcast génère

4,4 fois plus de brand recall

que tout autre format publicitaire

Étude Havas 2020

Et ce média reste sans limites... de temps, de sujets, d’invités, d’horaires.

Le podcast, de par sa nature ATAWAD*, le temps d’attention qu’il offre et l’imaginaire qu’il invoque, est aujourd’hui un outil incontournable de soft formation, et de transmission de valeurs et de vision à ses communautés.


of listeners think that offering podcasts is a good way to communicate


of listeners are likely to purchase the recommended products.


have searched for information on the brand or product mentioned.

Content, Creation, Communication

Thanks to the 3 “Cs”, Kikina Studio revolutionizes content creation by imagining an experience, more than a podcast.

A multisensory, immersive, memorable experience...

So that the listener has no choice but to move from listening to action.

A typical season
It's what ?

Embarking on the great audio adventure

with a first season composed of:

A series of episodes

Monthly frequency to be determined

1 logo + 1 name

Podcast specific

1 graphic charter

Taking yours but making the podcast unique and easily identifiable

1 sound decor

Podcast jingle + sounds, music and excerpts per episode

Visual content

1 for the podcast + 1 per episode

A media strategy

Aligned with yours.


On all listening platforms + reporting

Each Kikina podcast consists of:

  • Writing a story to engage a community, create emotion, inspiration and desire

  • The creation of a sound universe to leave room for imagination… and memorability. The story and its messages thus remain engraved.

  • The creation of a visual identity which uses the brand's codes but which makes the podcast unique and memorable.

  • A distribution and communication strategy specific to podcasting, to unite and sustainably attract qualified communities.

Additional services



Creation of dynamic content for RS

Community Management

Community Management

Management of social networks to be defined according to duration



Creation of a dedicated newsletter or mailing template

Saisons supplémentaires

Additional seasons

Depending on the feedback and results of season 1, creation of additional seasons or podcasts



Creation of a page or insert dedicated to the podcast on your site

Collective Training



Participate in the creation of the podcast to involve your employees - cf. below

Our Sessions

Homeboarding is the voice and therefore the heart of the company, made by and for employees, to allow them to (re)connect with the values and identity of the company.

Our ASK method follows the journey of a talent from their interest in the company to their onboarding.

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