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Kikina Studio, studio for exploration, creation and production of podcasts and sound experiences.


Supporting employees from their interest in the company to their onboarding is one of Kikina Studio's missions thanks to its ASK method: Attract, Support, Keep.

Vous accompagner chez vous, l'une des missions de Kikina Studio grâce à sa méthode ASK : Attract, Support, Keep.

Reinventing work in 2021

Since the pandemic, a third of French people believe that their work is useless, large groups have switched to 100% teleworking and no new company can ignore the emergence of new hybrid working modes, if we add the increase of 126 % of freelancers in just 10 years, the emergence of a new corporate culture appears inevitable.

In this time of crisis, what do candidates expect from recruiting companies?

  • Transparent communication on the company's situation (31%) - a criterion that is all the more important for 18-24 year olds (36%) - and on HR management (24%).

  • Testimonials from employees about daily life in the company (31%). All profile categories unanimously cite this criterion.

And in this post-Covid era, resignations, requests for retraining and transfers have exploded. Faced with this observation, 27% of CEOs, HR managers and managers believe that they will have to consider specific actions to recreate links between employees.


devront recréer une dynamique de travail.


will have to re-motivate employees.


will have to recreate cohesion in the teams.


will have to recruit.

Attract, Support, Keep

Although social demands, well-being, mental health or transparency are now law in the modern world of work, nothing is done for the often more stressful and arduous phase of their time in the company: recruitment.

Kikina studio, thanks to the power and agility of the intimate media, helps companies prepare and acculturate candidates, from the first phases of their application.


the world.

Unity is strength.

For what ?

The chosen means of communication is the first vector of success in HR communication, in other words, even if the message is perfectly thought out: if the medium is not adapted to the target, the information will not be received.

In this changing paradigm, podcasting is:

  • The media experiencing the strongest growth, particularly among 18-24 year olds.

  • An intimate and digestible bond allowing employees to consolidate their feeling of belonging to their company.

  • An essential weapon to take care of the integration of new recruits.

  • An unrivaled tool for successfully managing your teams remotely.

  • Agile enough to integrate organically into the new “hybrid” work arrangements requested by employees.

Did you know ?

3 times more listening

of a podcast vs an internal newsletter

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